What is your Infrastructure?

At FIBCORP, we recognize the importance of utilizing advanced technology to optimize output, improve product quality and minimize cost. Being a young company, we are adopting latest technology in all our production process to maximize automation and minimize manual intervention to enable us to offer our products at the most competitive price and within shortest lead-time.

Currently, FIBCORP has access to the best available technology as follows:

  • Tape plant capacity ranging from 500 denier to 2500 Denier PP tape.
  • Stable and uniform circular weaving using LSL and NOVA technology by 6 Shuttle, 8 Shuttle and 10 Shuttle looms with reinforced section for cross circular loop attachment
  • Lamination or coating capability using BOPP film at the edge to offer outside laminated circular fabric without poly edge.
  • Automatic fabric cutting machine with spout attachment for accuracy in size and position of spout.
  • Needle looms for making loops ranging from iomm to gomm with 5 GPM to 55 GPM.
  • Automatic Belt cutting machines with marking attachment for accurate Length of loops for each bag.
  • Combination ofJuki, Overlock and chain stitch machines to produce all varieties of Bulk Bags at ease.
  • 100 Tons capacity of Bailing press to make flat bales of loocm x ilocm weighting 48o kg each, enabling to stuff container to its maximum permisible capacity.

What is FIBCORP’s standard packing?

At FIBCORP, all FIBCS are generally packed in bales or bundles with or without pallets. Our standard bale sizes are 100cm x 110cm with a maximum height of 125cm. Each standard bale weigh around 460kgs and we stuff 44 pallets in 40ft HC and 20ft container. We use ISPM marked fumigated or heat treated pine wood pallets and can also offer durable plastic pallets on demand.

What Quality Control Measures are Implemented by FIBCORP?

We understand and acknowledge that quality is of utmost importance in ABC industry. Hence, all raw materials received in our factory are tested for strict quality compliance against International Standards. Further, rigorous ongoing testing is performed on all in-house production processes. Every component of FIBC like PP tape, yarn, fabric as well as webbing loop are continuously tested to ensure quality compliance.

Each finished ABC is inspected in 3 layers by quality control team before final packing. In addition, one sample bag from each production lot are rigorously tested to ensure compliance to stated norms.