What all types of FIBC or bulk bags FIBCORP offer?

Our product offerings are as follows:

  • Builder Bags
  • 1 Loop Bags
  • Ventilated Bags
  • UN Certified Bags
  • Q/Baffle Bags
  • 2 Loop Bags
  • Cross Corner Bags
  • Tunnel Bags
  • Industrial Bags
  • BOPP Bags
  • PP Sand Bags
  • PP Bags (White, Coloured & Transparent)
  • PP Box Bags
  • PP Woven Fabric Rolls & Sheets

Builder Bags

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of an enhanced quality Builder Bags. The offered products are fabricated with quality approved material that is sourced from trusted vendors in the market and contemporary tools in adherence to set industrial norms.

1 Loop Bags

FIBC in the form of 1 loop with filling spout and flat bottom made of tubular fabric is our most cost-effective FIBC. This model is very competitive in price and can be lifted with a hook or with equipment that lifts many sacks in a lift. The bags can also be stacked easily on the shelf which gives cost-effective storage. The bag can be made of uncoated fabric or coated fabric. It is common that these bags are provided with an inner bag to achieve better protection against water and condensation. The bag is used, among other things, for fertilizer, pellets, briquettes, cereals, recycling, chemicals, minerals, cement, salt, lime and animal feed.

Ventilated Bags

For the packaging, transportation or storage of potatoes, onions, beans, grains, nuts or similar products, we provide the ventilated FIBC (big bag with air stripes). This bag is protective, breathable and very strong.


  • Content 500 to 1500 kg
  • UV stabilised
  • Printing 1, 2 or 4 sides possible
  • Open top, skirt or filling spout and discharge spout
  • 100% polypropylene and therefore easy to recycle
  • For single use, 5:1
  • All bags manufactured by LC Packaging are certified

UN Certified Bags

In certain situations involving the storage and transportation of hazardous materials, a standard FIBC won’t meet safety requirements. UN certified bulk bags are specifically designed to transport and store hazardous materials. UN bags must meet various specifications and testing standards set out by the UN in order to be properly classified as UN bags. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Identification, tagging, and labeling requirements
  2. Specifications on max volume
  3. High testing standards

By following the UN specific testing standards and being properly tagged and labeled, a FIBC can be sold under the name, UN Bulk Bag.

Q/Baffle Bags

The essence of this design is to cut down the bulge at the belly of the FIBC. The design reduces the rounding and creates an perfect cube like structure to optimize the filling space utilization. Another specific need of the baffle bags is to maintain a proper flow of the filling. The essence of this design is to cut down the bulge at the belly of the FIBC. The design reduces the rounding and creates an perfect cube like structure to optimize the filling space utilization. Another specific need of the baffle bags is to maintain a proper flow of the filling material while filing the FIBCs. We have created and tested various shapes and designs suitable for material with different flow rates and lumpiness. Various designs of the baffles can be with full height or of the partial height of the FIBC. The height, material and shape of the baffle should be decided depending the flow rate of the material packed. There is a special design of the Baffle with net or “Net Baffle” is available for the super lumpy material, this gives the effect of baffle without obstruction the material flow.

2 Loop Bags

Produced from single tubular fabric, the 1-and 2- Loop Bags are widely accepted as being more cost effective than the traditional 4- Loop Bags used. Compared to the standard four loop bags, these bags have different construction. The body-fabric of the bag itself is extended into a lifting loop which gives the bag a higher breaking strength and makes the FIBC easier to lift. The loops can be wrapped with coloured sleeves which provides assistance in separating different bags as per their application. An inner liner is usually incorporated to keep the product being carried both clean and dry. These bags find their usage primarily in the agricultural sector but are also used for storing and transporting goods like powders and minerals.

Cross Corner Bags

Cross Corner loop bag has loops stitched on the body of the main fabric. These types of FIBCs are prepared when retaining the shape of the lifting loop becomes important. This type of FIBC design is especially popular for Tubular FIBCs.

Tunnel Bags

With the new Tunnel Bag design, your extra avalanche shovel is accessible and secure. With additional space, this product can carry the extra gear you may need for an unexpected night out. This low-profile snowmobile tunnel bag includes a breakaway carry strap, an external shovel carry, a venting system, a waterproof interior drybag, a drain hole and interior pockets for small items. With this creation, you can keep your airbag on, even when digging out sleds.

Industrial Bags

We offer a broad range of industrial bags optimised for high-speed filling lines and suitable for food contact. Our bags provide easy handling and ensure protection of the goods inside. In our own Bag Application Centre (BAC), we are performing tests on our packaging solutions to ensure the toughest customer requirements are fulfilled.


BOPP bag has different layers in the bag and they are also known as Multi layer bag, HDPE/PP woven fabric is one of the layer in the bag, Firstly we prepare multi colored BOPP films through engraved cylinders and Rotogravures reverse printing technology. Then it is laminated with HDPE/PP woven fabrics and finally the cutting and stitching is done as per the requirements. The printing process is done through engraved cylinders and Rotogravures reverse printing technology, up to 8 colours can be printed on the single Bag , we have got a graphic department , they develop various customized designs for the particular product with the specific images and back ground colors etc , once the designs are finalized the cylinders are engraved to print the same.

PP Sand Bags

Sand Bag is filled with sand or soil and used for such purposes as flood control, military fortification, shielding glass windows in war zones, ballast, and in other applications requiring mobile fortification. We can supply Sand Bag in any color & size as per customer’s requirement.

PP Bags (White, Coloured & Transparent)

 Our PP (Polypropylene) woven bags or woven PP bags are plastic woven bag primarily made of virgin polypropylene, are widely used for material packing for sugar, fertilizer, food grains, animal feed, sandbags, cement and many other industries. PP woven bags have the advantages of lighter weight, economy, higher strength, better corrosion resistance, tear resistance and easy to customize. Their demand has exponentially risen in recent times. We manufacture and supply custom designed PP woven bags and PP woven sacks for customised size, type and colors as per customer’s required specifications.

PP Box Bags

PP box bags are available in roll forms of desired length, which can also be customized as per the requirement of customers. Our product range includesPP box sacks or woven box sacksin laminated/unlaminated variety with BOPP option also. They are able to efficiently endure heavy weights.

PP Woven Fabric Rolls & Sheets

PP Woven fabric is available in laminated and un-laminated form. These fabrics are used in different industrial segments like Bag manufacture, Fertilizers, Cement, Polymers, Chemicals, Textiles, Machinery and Food grain packing. These PP Woven Fabrics have found utility in wrapping paper bundles, making bags on automatic cutting and stitching machines. Polypropylene Woven fabrics are strong, economical and dependable packaging option for wide range of commercial as well as industrial commodities. These light weight Polypropylene Woven Fabrics are best suited for corrugated or wooden boxes, machinery, cloth bales and other finished goods.