Bulk Bags

Bulk bags which are commonly known as FIBC or Big Bags or Jumbo bags are made of PP woven fabric.  Bulk bags offer a very cost effective alternative to traditional bulk containers like drums etc. and due to its flexibility are very easy to store and transport. At FIBCORP, a highly experienced team of professional work tirelessly to develop products of highest international standards and offer wide varieties of Bulk bags to its customer. Commonly available bulk bags with different types of tops and bottom as well as lifting loops are as follows:

Bulk Bags


Surrounded with the team of professional & production houses employing the latest technology and best industry practices, FIBCORP offers it prestigious customer’s wide variety of PP woven bags and sacks, including:


  • PP white bags
  • PP Clear/transparent bags
  • Bag with clear side/window
  • Sand bags with high UV resistance
  • EZ Open bags
  • Coated bags
  • 6 color printed bags
  • BOPP film coated bags
  • Box bags with/without lid


PP woven fabric has been accepted worldwide for its multiple use ability. Because of its lighter weight and high strength, pp woven fabric has replaced traditional fabric like Jute, Hessian etc. in a different domain as a cost effective alternative. FIBCORP can offer different types of pp woven fabric as mentioned below; further, we are keen in investing our time and effort to develop new and customized products for our customers. PP woven fabric rolls include:


  • Circular fabric rolls
  • Flat/open fabric rolls
  • Coated/uncoated rolls
  • Spiral tubing sewn roll
  • Woven/Non-woven sandwich roll


Our PP woven Silt fences and Ground cover are widely accepted for its best quality weave, excellent water flow, and high UV retentions. We work with our customers in understanding their needs and walk an extra mile to develop products that meet their specific requirements on the field. We supply wide varieties of PP woven silt fence and Ground cover.


  • Orange Silt fence with/without draw tape
  • Black Silt fence with/without draw tape
  • Black Ground cover up to 5 meters wide
  • Green ground cover up to 5 meters wide