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What does FIBCORP mean?

FIBCORP is correctly pronounced as FIB Corp where FIB represents 3 important persons of my life, my wife – Fatima (F)and my daughters Insiya (I) and Batul (B) and with their cooperation and support, I was able to bring this corporation into existence. In addition, the name FIBCORP relates to our primary product FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) or Bulk Bags.

Message From Founder

Dear Stakeholders,


Today, i take this opportunity to pen down my expression of gratitude towards large numbers of people and institutions who have believed in our dreams and have taken courageous decision of lending their support to us when we were in desperate need.


FIBCORP, a brand now known among the FIBC community across the country and valued by our global consumers spread across 18 countries had a very humble beginning with handful of resources on its side.  We could manage to sail through this gestation period by keeping our value system intact, and always ensuring our responsibility towards our employees, customers, suppliers as well as community at large always fulfilled. We have always valued our human resources and have strived to provide unmatchable working environments and have created equal opportunity for individual growth without any preference for gender, caste or religion. The challenge of managing combination of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled work force were made easy by following one rule “Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers”. Now, we take pride in claiming highest retention ratio across all level of workforce in our units.

In addition, Our attitude as echoed through our business  philosophy “where commitment supersedes everything else..” has won us collaboration and support from many renowned industrial house giving us strength to grow much faster and  helped us increase our offering both in terms of product range and short delivery timing to our esteemed customers. We are working tirelessly to innovate and offer our customers the best packaging solutions at most affordable prices to create value for our stakeholders. With our attitude and quality of our offerings, we are sure we will continue to be our customer’s first choice for all their packaging needs.


At FIBCORP, We are winning hearts by habit, not by chance



Murtaza Ali Moti CA, CFA, FRM

Managing Director

What is FIBCORP’s Core Strength?

Our core strength in the success and happiness of our people. We always believe that “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together”. We are an equal opportunity employer and hire employess solely on the basis of merit wihtout any preference for gender, caste or religion. We encourage women employment and motivate them to take up responsible position in our organization. In one word, OUR STRENGTH is OUR PEOPLE .


To become the most trusted and reliable partner in our field on which all our stakeholders can bank upon.


To ensure best quality products are delivered at most competitive prices and within agreed timelines to ensure maximum client satisfactions.


Customer focused | Quality conscious | Time sensitive | Trust and credibility |People first| Commitment Honoring